Flack Family Farm, in the Vermont hills, is a diversified farm using organic and biodynmic practices - along with re-mineralation and planned grazing with American Milking Devon cattle to rejuvenate soil, sequester carbon and yield nutrient dense foods including grass-fed meats, and fermented vegetables: sauerkraut and Vermont style kimchi. Educational opportunities abound. Farm visits, seminars on nutrition, growing and preparing nutrient dense food, and fermentation are on-going. Education and community define the farm.


LACTO-FERMENTED VEGETABLES, traditional foods are produced on farm and sold in Vermont natural food stores and at the farm (no mail order). Workshops on our lacto-fermentation process available.

GRASS-FED BEEF raised naturally on organic pasture and sold in farm shop by cut or bulk order. For information: 802-933-7752.

AMERICAN MILKING DEVON, breeding stock, bulls, bred cows, A2A2 tested. Good lineage.

MEDICINAL HERBS suppling fresh plant material to herbalists, specializing 1 lb to 5 lb orders. We harvest throughout season guided by celetial calendar. Please visit our plant list.

DOUG FLACK and farm family share their knowledge through farm work opportunities, classes and farm tours.


Fermented vegetables are available at farm. Contact us to set up time.