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Hands on learning. Full time, spring through fall, on farm living. For more information check out notice or call: 802-933-7752


CABBAGE PLANTING -three days in June, 2018

Help plant cabbages, volunteers welcome, full day, farm lunch provided.


RAW MILK THEATER - August 5, 2018,

This year, new moon. "For one night each summer The Raw Milk Theater tells the story of Vemont country life through stories, songs and skits." Neighborhood variety show and more. All acts of reasonable talent accepted. Acts of real talent, heartily welcomed. Show begins 7:30, rain or shine. Bring your own chair. Held at Flack Family Farm, weather dictates exact location. Call for more information, 802-933-7752.

FERMENTING VEGETABLES -28 days in September and October

Help plant cabbages, volunteers welcome. Particpant in the ancient process of naturally perserving food.Dates to be announced.

We invite the public to particpant in the ancient process of naturally perserving food. For twenty eight days each fall we invite those who have an interest in the art of fermentation to particpate in preparing vegetables for the barrel. Participants work from 8:00am til 3:00pm with a midday meal of farm grown food. Call for more information, 802-933-7752.