Economics of Farming, 2020

At Flack Family Farm we know that our longevity and success depends on our ability to be supported by our community. Farms go out of business due to this lack of connection. Customers' purchases are critical to our farm economy. Flack Family Farm has a new generation of farmers taking on the farm enterprises and funds are need to make it possible for this next generation to succeed financially, to be paid a living wage.

The standard economy with cheap food does not support farms.

We are commited to high quality nutrient dense foods from thriving healthy soil, right here on our farm. This takes commitment and hard work and we are truely grateful to this next generation of farmers. We are commited to paying them a living wage.

We appreciate your continued support. We have increased our wholesale prices to reflect the cost of living and our cost of production in 2020.

Barbara & Doug Flack